Yiynova MVP22U Review

The best drawing tablets are ones that allows the most natural and real feel, quite similar to the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper. Then we can doubtlessly say that,Yiynova MVP22U is one of the graphic tablets which pose all the good properties of a high quality drawing tab. The drawing gadget comes with the features of Wacom Cintiq, but luckily with an affordable price tag.

​When it comes to technology, Yiynova MVP22U adopts UC-Logic technology as its kernel tablet technology. The screen resolution of full HD monitor of the device is 1920*1080 with a led backlight and the height and width of the screen is 10.55 inches and 18.77 inches respectively. It allows the customer to use the pen on flat glass surface to complete the professional work. When compared to the previous generation of drawing tablets, the color quality of the device is so exceptional that it exceeds all those industry standards. For instance, of the three drawing tablet models, Yiynova MVP22Uv1, V2, and the latest addition V3, the model V3 has a noticeable upgrade over V2, which poses far better features than V1.

Considered as one of the best drawing tab, Yiynova MVP22Ufeatures a modifiable stand which supports the monitor in a range of angles from nearly upright (78 degrees) to about 12 degrees. Besides, the IPS screen makes the viewing angles and color reproduction even better. VI-I is the display connection and can be also used in portrait mode (but only in a vertical position. Here in this device, the electro magnetic resonance method is being used with a tracking speed of 200 points per second. Data connection is via USB interface and operating system is windows. However, the tablet’s display cable is DVI and can’t be unplugged from the monitor.

​If you want more explanation on why Yiynova MVP22U can be considered as a long term investment, the answer is simple- the drawing tablets has many kind of user friendly controls. Yes, what you heard is absolutely right. The unit which is equipped with a scratch free gorilla glass has 8 user assignable express keys. What’s more, 8 languages are supported by the product.

Besides, it Offers two styluses with a different feel & pressure curve.Tthestyli, which have a pressure sensitivity of 2048 degree, can detect a tilt of 45 degree and height of 10mm between tip and glass surface. It runs in anAAA battery and uses the maximum power consumption is 950uA. Although it doesn’t possess tilt sensitivity like Cintiq has, it still offers you with a great way to draw directly on screen. Four spare nibs, two clip tools to replace the nibs and a clip-on pen holder in the back that’s handy for storing the stylus comes along the pack.

Moreover, the positive features of this tablet outweigh its cons. For example, if you want to be a pro in graphic designing and illustration, but can’t shell out large amount on drawing tab, then go for Yiynova MVP22U as it is an Inexpensive alternative to Wacom Cintique.However, the Pressure sensitivity doesn't seem customizable in the drivers.


  • Good quality screen with good viewing angles and colors.
  • Inexpensive alternative to Wacom Cintique .
  • Offers two styluses with a different feel & pressure curve.
  • Fully customizable hotkeys.


  • Pressure sensitivity doesn't seem customizable in the drivers.

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