Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen Review

samsung galaxy A with s pen review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen is a medium-sized tablet which got famed as the best drawing tablet for professionals. The tablet which is moderately priced is having higher screen size, and is thicker compared to the competent brands. The stylus or S Pen could measure the pressure applied with better accuracy and hence it could give the user a better precision.

The main benefit of Samsung devices are its operating system android OS and due to this, all Samsung devices can be synced easily. Besides, this will help the user to move his files like contacts, music and other application to the preferred Samsung device.

When it comes to this drawing tab, it features a10.1 inch screen which is of 1920 x 1200 in resolution and it also has a ppi of 224 . But remember, even the expensive graphic tablet apple ipad pro have a ppi of 264 just above that. The aspect ratio is 16:10 which makes it perfect for reading and browsing internet. PLS TFT is the display technology is used in this best drawing tablet of Samsung. The major attraction of this drawing gadget is the device has a quad core processor. Besides, it comes with an extra slot to insert memory card. The original version comes with 32GB card and it can be extended as per user wish. There is a small door to protect this slot so that it will be safe from the accidents. Since it is a very user friendly device, it can be given as gifts for children who have creative skills.

Moreover, the S pen holds the major share of success of the Samsung drawing tablet. The model provides us a stylus which could compete with any other brands with its precision control. We can say S-pen is one among the best alternative for mouse. It allows the user to each and every task like jotting down notes, editing techniques like cut, paste and drag just like a computer mouse. The stylus has also higher levels of pressure sensitivity. A person who depends on tablets for writing can readily invest on this model because of the perfection of the pen. This version works with a battery of 6000 mAh which is good for a long 13 hours of use. Also the Ultra power saving mode comes to the rescue, every time the battery is about to die. The tablet has a feature of multitasking which allows us to switch between different tasks. The software is very much favorable for multiple users, and it provides separate login for each user.

The other prime feature is its sleek and compact design. For instance, Stereo speakers are placed in one of the short edges ,which is enough for watching a movies without earphone. When it comes to other features, it has an 8mp back cam and 2Mp front cam.

The prime drawback of the device is the smaller size of the stylus. Although we cannot call it as great it is one of the best drawing tablets which can be used for multipurpose functions.


  • Affordable
  • Has a sleek design
  • Expandable memory from 16GB to an additional 256GB
  • Zero lag


  • Small size of pen

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